Maxum Power Unit

Eliminates your exposure to dirt

Max Air

Designed for Hide a Hose systems of 4 or more valves

Filtered Cyclonic Units

Commercial unit available for hair salons, vets, and livestock grooming

In House Tool Kits

Our Vac Express tool kits.

Garage Tool Kits

Our tool kits made for the garage.

Webs B Gone

Webs B Gone Cathedral ceiling Wands with over and under tool $49.95

Zoom Power Head

The most powerful power head in the industry. $150.00

Wet Dry Seperator

5 gal with tools attachment for vacuuming around pools and other wet areas $275.00

Turbo Cat Power Head

Turbo-Cat Power head has over 25 years of service. $135.00

Rug Rat

Rug Rat a hand held power head, great for the interior of your car or if you have pets, your furniture $60.00

Mini Tool Kit

Mini tool kit to detail clean the vents in your car and in small areas around electronics $18.00


Exten-Vac 36” crevice tool designed to get under the refrigerator and in other tight places $21.00

12″ Premium Brush

12” Premium Bare floor brush $21.00

12″ Rug Tool

12” Premium Rug tool $19.00

Crevice Tool

Premium Crevice Tool $4.00

Upholstery Tool

Premium Upholstery $8.00

ZipBroom Tool

ZipBroom Combo Tool $24.00

Dust Mop

Micro-Fiber dust mop $27.00

Mop Replacement

Micro-Fiber Mop Replacement

Mop Attachment

Designed to be used for damp mop/vacuuming with cleaning solutions $45.00

Mop Replacement

Centa-Mop Replacement Pad $7.00

Adjustable Wand

Adjustable wand $27.00

Wand Caddy

Wand Caddy $3.50

Wall Mount

Wall Mount For Wand $3.50

Exhaust Door

Exhaust Door $6.00

Zoom Belt

Zoom belt $7.00
Pkg of 3 $18.00

Rug Rat Belt

Rug Rat Belt $8.00
Pkg of 3 $16.00

Turbo Cat Belt

Turbo Cat Belt $6.00
Pkg of 3 $16.00

Tornado Power

6 Tornado Power $6.00
25 for $20.00

FC 650 Filter

Filter for FC 650 $25.00

Replacement Bags

Factory Authorized Replacement Bags 3 for $25.00
(Use of non-authorized bags will void warranty on Maxum Power Units)

Maintenance Kit

25 Tornado Cloths, a brush and string removal tool. Ideal for cleaning and deodorizing the interior of your pipes of your system and maintaining your power head. $30.00

System Tune Up

Vac Express provides an annual system check as a tune up of your system. Click here for more info