Bill Buck

When we were told our house that was built by Newcastle homes came with a central vacuum it were not impressed as we had had one in the past. When we moved into our new home and discovered it was the Hide a Hose retractable vacuum system by Vac Express, our reaction was WOW!!! We love the convenience that this system offers and use it every day

Donny Farris

We had a Vac Express system installed in our Corpus Christi home in Jan 2012. In Feb 2013 I was transferred to Louisiana and built a new home. I was so impressed with the convenience of the vacuum system that Keith built, that I paid him to travel to Louisiana and build me another system in my new home. I will never be without a Hide a Hose system again.

Alex Kennedy

If you or anyone you know needs a Central Vacuum System in Texas, Keith is the guy to call. He is an expert at his craft, and he loves helping people. You won’t be disappointed!


What can I say? Hide A Hose has changed the way I clean. I can’t believe I lived without it! I recommend investing in this system. Thank you Vac Express!